Without limits

3 Ene

You just have to do it, it does not matter who you are targeting, do not think where you want to appear. Just do it as well, as you always do, following your own good judgment. And they will be what they fix on you. Venezuela, Honduras, Mexico, India, Colombia, USA, South Africa, Kenya, Germany, Dominican Republic, Canada, Singapore, China, Peru, Morocco, Sweden, Slovakia … And more! … They have had the pleasure of paying attention to me, of looking at me. It is also known to look at the effort and dedication of people like Patricia Pérez and Alejandro Graffpe, among others. What have been for me an example to follow … let’s hunt to 2018 !!!!
Patricia Pérez Reolid
Alejandro Graffpe – Social Nexos
Citas a Ciegas de…

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