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    • Hi!!! … Sure, the Language … You do not think about it when you do this kind of post.
      The Post is what I say in the recordings. The images are to fill the video. And they are from a friend.
      What I speak, is an edition of stories in which I am having conversations, about the details of the publication, of my next article. Par late this month or first of the following.
      When I’m going to publish an article, I like it, make several posts before, that have something to do. Indirectly or directly. Putting at the end the link of the previous related post, so that you can understand better and catch the thread about what the article is about.
      Soon I will publish two more, about the article. And then the full article.
      I hope you like it.
      I invite you to see my other Articles, in the ARTICLES section.
      A hug. Happy day! Thank you for your interest in what it says … I’ll have to ask myself, speak sometime in English …

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